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We Would Like to Extend Our Sincere Appreciation and a Heartfelt THANK YOU to All of the Amazing People Who Made Our Dragon Kickstarter Campaign a Success!

Kickstarter Backers

Sorin Dan
Kevin Jones
Melissa Foxworth
Rick Fleck
Tina Fleck
Sandie Fulghum
Chris Fulghum
Vince Brady
Dana Jones
Paige Fulghum
Melissa Boik
Jessica McNaughton
Ivy Barnish
Ken Barnish
Jenni Kellogg
Cary McClatchey
Mo McClatchey
Al Quintana
Anita Quintana
Lisa Drummond
Jennifer Lee
Ally Kite Hawkins
Hayley Weller
Jenna Masiello
Carrie Anne Burton
Debbie H. Melnik
Karen Gault Skelly
Sarah Raghunath
Katrina Prill
Randy Williams
Sheila Marshall
Elaine Clampitt
Kathie Mahoney
Daniel Hooper
Jeff Rogers
Julia Heath
Lily Fleck
Katrin Wooldridge
Randy Sherill
Dionne Williams
Debbie Jones
Daniel Jones
Patrick Jones
Melinda Enriquez
RaeAnn Collins
Cheryl Abeyta
Marty Crandall
Tiffany Lind
John Wallace Morris
Rebecca Hoines
Maggie Fleck
Colin Fleck
Dana Storey
Larry Bloom
Rob Schweiger
Angel Chapman
Jerry Harbor
The Creative Fund

Giving back

Every Kideaux product will commit a portion of revenue from products sold to support environmental sustainability. 

For Kideaux's first product, the Dragon Pack, we'll plant a tree with our Partner OneTreePlanted for every Dragon Pack sold.

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