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What is the

Kideaux Dragon?

The Kideaux Dragon is a pack that makes your child VISIBLE. That's it. Bright, reflective wings that flap in the breeze and draw the attention of everyone around them.
  • Simple

  • Fun

  • Effective

Reflective and Fun
Reflective and Fun

From balance bikes, scooters, bikes, roller skates, the Kideaux Dragon makes your child visible.

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Child skiing in mountains with Kideaux Dragon
Kideaux Dragon child visibility pack for safety

There may be unmarked obstacles ahead on the ski slope, but your child won't be one of them if they're wearing a Kideaux Dragon Ski Visibility Pack!

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Child on ski slope wearing Kideaux Dragon Ski Visibility Pack in it's chair lift safe position
Kideaux Dragon Ski Visibility Pack is Chair Lift Safe

The Kideaux Dragon's wings and tail completely store inside the pack for the ultimate safe ski chair lift experience!

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Child Visibility Pack

For Skiing, Biking and more

Child Safety Doesn't Get More Fun!

Reflective Safety Flag for children
Reflective Safety Fabric

Highly visible in sun, rain, snow and low-light

Child Safety Pack profile view
Slim Design

1" deep for comfort and ski lift safety

Close up of child safety pack wings stored
Hidden Wings and Tail

Wings and Tail fold easily into the pack for lift safety and convenience when not in use.

Child Ski and Bike Safety Pack for Visibility

From the ski slope to the sidewalks.




"We absolutely LOVE using the Dragon! Our son refused to ski without his wings because he felt so much safer.


"After having a severe concussion from a collision, we won't ski without the Dragon Pack on our kids; it's a GAME CHANGER!


We LOVE it! We went without your amazing Dragon Pack and she got taken out by a skier; you really notice her and she STANDS OUT more when she is wearing it.


"We absolutely love the Dragon!! This helped us see exactly where she was at all times and made it so easy! Really is a GREAT PRODUCT!


Unfolding the wings of the Kideaux Dragon Child Ski Visibility Pack quickly and easily


Really, it's fast

The Kideaux Dragon is designed to be super easy and fast to use. Whether you're teaching your small child to ski, snowboarding with your older kiddo, or riding bikes with your kids, you'll find it's the must-have product for skiing and biking with kids. We didn't want to stand around fiddling with the wings and we figured neither would you! Keeping your kids safe while skiing and biking has never been easier or more fun!


Yep, you got it, it's fast and easy

No one wants to miss that vital spot in the ski lift line, especially when skiing with little kids, so we designed the Dragon to be insanely fast and easy to be ski lift safe and ready. Saving you precious seconds to get that position in line. All while wearing gloves!

Folding the Kideaux Dragon Child Ski Visibility Pack wings away safely and quickly for the ski chair
Child riding bike with safety flags

Easily Go From

the Mountain

to the Sidewalk

It's as simple as leaving the tail tucked

The Kideaux Dragon works just as great at keeping your child safe while riding bikes and scooters. With its bright, reflective wings your child is visible to cars much sooner, which makes this a must have for when the snow melts. Just keep the tail tucked and you're ready to ride!

More Than Just Skiing
Child skiing with safety visibility pack
toddler riding bike with safety visibility wings

From the

Ski Slope

to the Sidewalk

The Kideaux Dragon easily switches from the snowy mountain ski slopes to the city sidewalks.

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