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More Play   Less Stress

Who We Are

Kideaux is a Colorado company founded in 2018 by Steve and Alyna; best friends and partners in life, love and losing our minds raising our 6 children. Yes, 6! We share a love for being active, athletic and outdoors and are always looking for ways to instill that love in our children. We are a small, family owned and operated business, based in beautiful Roxborough, Colorado.


Why Kideaux

Kideaux was born as we began looking for ways to make it easier to get our kids outside and active while keeping them safe, and almost just as important….ways to minimize the whining and parental stress! The reality is that Whiny Kids+Stressed Parents=NO FUN! As we started coming up with ideas and products that improved our experiences, we figured why not share those improvements with the world? 

Kideaux's kiddos
Founders and Partners
The Family Portrait of the non-stop gang
Skiing in Colorado
Ice Caves in Colorado
Biking in Colorado
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