Frequently asked questions


Can I wash the Dragon pack?

Yes....mostly. All primary textile components of the Dragon pack are machine washable. We do recommend removing the flexible uprights before washing.

How do I remove the flexible uprights in the Dragon?

Preferred and easiest option: The Dragon's flexible uprights are mounted to the main pack inside hook & loop channels. These channels are located inside the pack, one on each side and one at the bottom. Simply release the three hook & loop connections and remove the uprights. Alternative option: Call up your cousin and ask him to bring over his chainsaw; however, this will certainly void your warranty and drastically limit your product return options.

Are the Dragon uprights breakable?

The Dragon uprights are constructed of a proprietary flexible aluminum and vinyl combination that is designed to flex and not break. This flexibility allows for easy storage of the wings inside the pack and ensures that the uprights won't break in the event of a skiing/snowboarding or biking fall. However, continuous and constant bending of the uprights in the same location may eventually weaken the metal inside the uprights (picture bending a paperclip back and forth over and over trying to get it to break). We have tested the flexible uprights through more than 500 cycles of deploying and stowing the wings with no issues of breakage or metal fatigue.

What are the Dragon's dimensions?

14" tall x 11.5" wide x 2" deep. This slim profile makes it ideal for wearing on a chairlift or bike. Or if that's too straightforward, the Dragon pack roughly equates to 120 restaurant sugar packets arranged in a geometric pattern +/- 5%. As for depth, it's much, much...much thinner than a toaster.

What if I break the flexible uprights in the Dragon pack?

While we're confident that you'll have years of trouble free use with the Dragon, if you happen to break an upright please contact us at Kideaux to obtain a replacement. In the event of a breakage, the Dragon's wings are designed to slide off the uprights for easy installation on a new set of uprights.

Will the Dragon pack grant my child the ability to fly?

Short answer: No! Long answer: You're lucky that technology hasn't advanced to the level of being able to slap someone through the internet.

Will my child breath fire with the Dragon pack?

Only if they don't brush their teeth every day.

Total Towel

Can I wash the Total Towel?

Not only can you wash it, you probably should once in a while....after all, it is a towel, but don't worry, the Total Towel is machine washable right like your other house towels.....assuming you wash those and don't just stand them up in the corner after each use. Machine wash with cold or warm water. Hang dry or machine dry set to low heat.

Do you offer different sizes of Total Towels?

The short answer is, No, we currently do not. The long answer is as follows: When we originally developed the Total Towel, we experimented with the idea of making smaller sized towels in kid's sizes. The only problem with that was that the kids always wanted our larger, full-size adult towels. To make things easier on mom and dad we decided to just offer one large towel to the masses.

Are the concealed pockets in the Total Towel completely waterproof.

Short answer......no, yes, kind of sort of. The pockets in the Total Towel are designed to provide a high level of resistance to water. The pockets are lined with a waterproof material to ensure that when drying off, or in the event that water gets on the Towel, your valuables will stay dry inside. Now if someone decides that they prefer their Towels soaking wet and decides to submerge the pockets completely underwater, well then you may be drying out your Ben Franklins and cell phone.

How big is the Total Towel?

The Total Towel is designed to be large enough for any user and measures in at 65" x 35".


Can I return stuff if I don't like it or if it breaks?

Absolutely. See our Return Policy section for more detail, but basically, you can return anything for any reason within 30 days of purchase and all products are also covered under a limited 1 year warranty.

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