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  • Crafted of weather-durable and water-resistant polyester canvas and high-visibility reflective safety fabric

  • Low profile design ensures hassle-free use, whether it be on a chairlift, bicycle or however else you choose to use it

  • Vinyl-encased uprights provide ample wing support at all speeds - while being supple and highly pliable when stowing the wings, or in the event of a fall

  • The flags and uprights are designed to be deployed and then stowed in the pack in less than 5 seconds, ensuring hassle free use

  • Supplemental pockets provide storage for phones, keys, snacks, etc.

  • All Dragon functions and features are designed to be ski glove and bike glove friendly

  • The Kideaux Dragon’s fun design will have your kids actually wanting to use a safety-enhancing device


A Dragon for all Seasons!


Top three ways to ruin your family ski day:

1)      Losing your kids in a sea of people on the ski slope

2)      Having your kids get run over on the ski slope

3)      Discovering that lunch will cost your family $437


We can’t help with financing your lunch, however we can play a large part in keeping your kids safe! The Kideaux Dragon is a Patent-Pending Visibility Improvement Pack designed to dramatically increase your child’s visibility on the slopes. Now we don’t want to question the attractive power of your neon romper snowsuit, but with the Kideaux Dragon’s quick-deploying wings and tail flapping in the breeze your kids will be the center of attention on the slopes. With your kids sporting a Kideaux Dragon, you’ll breathe easier knowing that they’re highly visible to not only you, but to others as well. Hand-crafted of water-resistant polyester canvas and high-visibility reflective safety fabric, the Kideaux Dragon offers your family the opportunity to experience more play with less stress!


From Slopes to Sidewalks, your Dragon transitions with you

While the Kideaux Dragon was originally developed on the ski slopes of Keystone, Colorado, we found that it’s versatile, high-visibility design has made it a must-have safety device for kids riding bikes as well. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, next to wearing a helmet and having a properly-fitted bike, the most important thing a bike rider can do to be safe is to wear bright, reflective colors such as neon or fluorescent. The Dragon takes this directive and amplifies it, by doing what no brightly colored shirt can do. The Dragon’s reflective, high-visibility neon wings flutter and flap rapidly through the air, creating an eye-catching phenomenon that dramatically increases the visibility profile of your child. Now, if your child can simultaneously stand on their seat, flap their arms, and still pilot their bike, congratulations, you have a circus performer on your hands. For everyone else (basically the rest of the world) do yourself and your kids a favor and strap a Dragon on their back for those bike rides and experience more play with less stress!         


Kideaux Dragon Pack

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  • The Stress!

    Family Ski Day

    After repeatedly dragging ourselves back to the car at the end of a ski day, we quickly realized that skiing with our kids was ridiculously stressful. The kids were great, the problem was that we spent all day trying to keep an eye on exactly where each kid was while simultaneously doing all we could to keep them from getting run over. Despite our best efforts, we rarely had a ski day without close calls, or worse, one or more kids actually getting run into by other people on the mountain.


    Bicycles, Tricycles, Scooters and More

    We’ve always tried to teach our kids how best to be safe when riding their bikes, but despite our best efforts, our kids just couldn’t resist….well….being kids. Up the curb, down the curb, across the street, between the parked cars, jump the worm (yes, that’s a thing). We quickly realized that if our kids were going to ride their bikes like kids, well then we needed to do all we could to protect them and make sure the drivers in our neighborhood could see them.


    Enter the Dragon

    The Dragon was designed to dramatically increase the visibility of the wearer and make that child the center of attention. With all eyes focused on our kids and their Dragons the close calls and impacts were eliminated! In fact, our stress was virtually eliminated as well. That’s no exaggeration, our kids wearing a Dragon has become as important to us as our kids wearing a helmet! While the helmet has become indispensable in protecting our kids in the event of an accident, the Dragon has become indispensable in helping to prevent those accidents in the first place!  

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