The Kideaux Total Towel is packed with simple, thoughtful features designed for one primary purpose, to make beach or pool time easier and less stressful. The Total Towel's water-resistant primary storage pocket is cavernous and provides ample space for all those little items that always accompany you to the beach or pool. As a cool added feature, the main storage pocket simply snaps in place on the Towel, allowing you to quickly remove the pocket and take your belongings with you during those times when you need to mark your spot with your towel but would rather not leave your valuables and other belongings. The Total Towel’s three additional water-resistant, concealed pockets are designed specifically as a place to stash your wallet, cellphone, keys or other valuables. With your important stuff securely out of sight, there will be no more stuffing valuables under your chair, or in a shoe hoping they’ll be safe. It’s time to ditch the old ways, grab some Total Towels and experience more play with less stress!  

Kideaux Total Towel

SKU: HM0619-TOW001-BLW001
    • The Total Towel’s design includes a large water-resistant removable pocket/carry pouch and three additional water-resistant security pockets.

    • The concealed security pockets are sized to hold your phone, keys, wallet, cards and other valuables while concealing these items from view and are designed to allow for access with the Total Towel in both the rolled and unrolled configurations, a convenience feature unique to the Total Towel.

    • The primary pocket is water-resistant and large enough to hold a hat, swimsuit, flip flops, sunscreen, a book, snacks, etc. and removes easily for those times when you want to leave your towel to save your spot but would rather not leave your belongings. 

    • Stuff your clothes in the primary pocket and it becomes a comfortable pillow to lay on that can be removed and placed where you'd like, another convenience feature unique to the Total Towel.

    • The loop and strap system is designed to provide for a quick and easy carry while also holding the towel closed in a rolled up position.

    • Large 65” x 35” towel

    • Made from plush velour terrycloth

    • Available in Royal Blue and Lime Green

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