Reusable Folding Bag

Reusable Folding Bag

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REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT - By reusing our foldable store bags, you help keep plastic out of landfills & oceans.


FITS IN YOUR PURSE, POCKET, OR CAR - With the fold-up design for portable convenience. It’s only 4”x 4” when folded, but has a 15"x 15" capacity when unfolded. Our bags are made of 100% waterproof nylon oxford Polyester Cloth.


CARRY LARGE HEAVY ITEMS - Without stressing about breakage or handles digging into your hands. Heavy jugs of milk or detergent are a non-issue.  Large Volume can hold up to 50 lbs or 2-3 grocery bags of stuff.


WASH & REUSE - If something spills inside, wash it & keep using. The nylon bags will last as long as they are treated with care.


These reusable folding bags are not just for the grocery store, it goes everywhere and hauls (practically) anything. Carry in your purse, pocket, or just leave one in your car. Holds 2–3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff. Folds into a flat 4" × 4" pouch and holds up to 50 lbs.


Perfect for grocery and food stores, parks and playdates, mountain adventures, road trips, the pool and beach, and any time you need to carry items. 


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