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10 Things You Never Thought You’d Hear Yourself Say- The Ski Parent Edition

As parents, we all have heard ourselves say things that we never dreamed would come out of our mouths. But skiing and snowboarding with your kids adds a whole new element. Pre-kid, I thought I was pretty slick. Cool, well-versed in the lingo, capable, not a Jerry. And then I had kids…

For your reading pleasure, I give you-

10 Things you never thought you’d hear yourself say- The Ski Parent Edition

  1. “Pizza! Pizza! Not French Fries!!! PIIIIZZZZZZAAAAAA!!!!”

  2. “No, you won’t go to jail if you don’t get off the lift in time.”

  3. “Don’t lick your skis.”

  4. Your gloves are not a kleenex.

  5. Sure I’ll hold your gloves...Is this a booger?

  6. Stop sword fighting with your ski poles.

  7. No, that’s not a bra in the tree. Stop asking.

  8. That smell coming from the trees is just a skunk.

  9. Your goggles are not a shovel.

  10. What do you mean your skis are hiding back on the bus?


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