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Child Ski and Snowboard Safety- Collision Safety and the #RideAnotherDay Campaign part 2

In our Child Ski and Snowboard Safety- Collision Prevention and the #RideAnotherDay Campaign part 1, we talked about collisions and just how common they are on the ski slopes. Our little skiers and snowboarders are especially at risk of serious injury from collisions because of their small size and unpredictability when skiing. While there are steps we can take to make our children more visible while they ski (see our Kideaux Dragon Child Ski Visibility Pack), we all have a responsibility to ski and ride smart and safely.

Girl wearing a Dragon Ski Safety Pack
Prevent children from being "Unmarked Obstacles"

As part of the NSAA’s #RideAnotherDay campaign, they created 3 actions that skiers and snowboarders can take to prevent collisions on the ski slopes. These actions complement the Responsibility Code and it’s 7 tenets. Let’s all do our part to keep our ski resorts the fun and exciting place we can all enjoy together safely.

1. Be Ready

Be ready to slow down or avoid objects or other people at any time. Ski and ride in such a way that you are always able to control yourself regardless of conditions and avoid others and objects you may encounter on the run, groomed or otherwise.

2. Stay Alert

Stay alert to what’s going on around you, especially other skiers and riders. Being aware of those around you and changing conditions will help you have a fun and safe day on the hill.

3. Plan Ahead

Ease up at blind spots, check uphill when merging onto trails, and give other skiers plenty of room when passing. Look out for spots on the run where traffic merges or you can't see what's coming next. If you are unfamiliar with a run, take it easy the first time down it and make note of places where you'll want to slow down, such as cat tracks and rollers. Also, give other skiers and riders lots or room, especially if you are passing them. There's plenty of space out there, so there's no need to crowd each other.

Let’s all do our part to keep our ski slopes safe for ourselves and everyone else on the mountain. If we ski and ride smart and teach our children the same, we can go a long way towards preventing unnecessary collisions and injuries.

Girl in Dragon on ski slope being safe


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