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How In The World Do I... How To Put On Ski Boots and Snowboard Boots

Ski boots. The easiest piece of equipment to put on.

Said no one ever.

In this edition of the How In the World Do I... series, we'll share our step by step guide to putting on your ski boots.

How in the world do I put on Ski Boots?

Step 1. Put on thin ski sock. Make sure there are no wrinkles.

Step 2. Pull boot tongue down towards toe of boot.

Step 3. Keep pulling boot tongue towards toe of boot.

Step 4. Gently place foot into boot, pointing toes like you’re a ballerina en pointe.

Step 5. Did I mention pull the boot tongue towards the toe of the boot?

Step 6. Curse quietly and pull foot out of painful wedge at top of boot.

Step 7. Point toes again and attempt to place inside boot.

Repeat steps 2-7 at least 5 more times.

Step 8. Crouch down placing all of your weight on your now fully strained foot stuck in opening of boot, while making growling noises. (I think the boot responds to the sounds of aggression)

Step 9. Remove foot from boot opening again and take a break as you’re now exhausted and your ankle feels like it’s about to snap.

Step 10. Pull sock straight again, point toes, pull tongue and push with all your might. Sometimes a few well placed swear words will show the boot that you mean business and it will hopefully allow your foot to enter.

Step 11. Success!! Your ski boot is finally on!

Step 12. Repeat steps 2-10 on other foot.

Step 13. Repeatedly adjust buckle straps every 10-15 min to adjust for walking, sitting, sneezing, skiing, talking, crashing, laughing, tripping, stairs, running to catch the bus...

Step 14. Put ski boots on your child. Repeat all steps above, except add in crying (both parent and child).

How to put on Snowboard Boots

Step 1. Put on socks. Thick, thin, whatever, just feel the day’s vibe.

Step 2. Place foot inside boot.

Step 3. Repeat on other foot.

Step 4. Hit the slopes.

Actual helpful tips....

1. Make sure your ski boots are warm, especially the shell. If the shell is cold, it will be extra stiff. A warm shell is more pliable and will open easier.

2. Don’t just pull the tongue down. This actually doesn't really do much to increase the size of the opening. Instead grab the shell down low on both sides of the tongue and open both laterally and medially. This will create the larger opening that will allow your foot to slide in. This is especially helpful with putting ski boots on kids. The wider you can make the opening, the easier they can get it on.

4. For kids, kneel in front of them, facing them, while holding the boot open. Have them stand up, lean towards you, almost like they're trying to lean over your back, and bend their knees. Then have them stand up as they slide their foot into the boot. This should help put their foot at the right angle to help it go in easier as well.

3. Adjust the buckles in stages. Buckle each one at the easiest setting and then work your way back through the buckles, getting tighter each time. Bottom to top or top to bottom is purely personal preference.

Here's to a tear free, painless experience putting on your ski boots! Ski and ride safe and we'll see you on the slopes!


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